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Blood Samples


What really sets us apart from our larger, national competitors is our specialty delivery services. At Sonic Couriers, we strive to provide our customers services they won't find elsewhere. That's why we offer healthcare delivery services to doctors, hospitals, and even private individuals. The term healthcare delivery service may sound like a rather general term, but rest assured there are many sub-service available too.


For example, one of our medical delivery services allows for our customers to use us for dropping off prescriptions as well as picking those up once they're ready. Very few people have time to or enjoy waiting around a pharmacy for their medication. Many of our customers utilize this service so that they don't have to either leave work early or rush to the pharmacy right after work. This means that customers who opt to use this service don't have to stop or put important daily duties on hold in order to spend time at the pharmacy. When they arrive home, their medication(s) will be waiting for them with no hassle.


From daily lab deliveries, to weekly pharmaceutical pick-ups, Sonic Couriers offers exceptional courier services and delivery services for the entire healthcare profession.


  • Optical Labs - Whether you're an employee of an optical lab or are a patient that needs to get documentation to an optical lab, Sonic Couriers’ healthcare delivery service can get your delivery where it needs to go and will get it there on time!


  • Medical Labs -  Medical labs send products or materials out for delivery all the time. Blood samples, paperwork, and notifications, are sent out on a daily basis and are all time sensitive materials. Doctors and other health care professionals, not to mention patients, all eagerly await the arrival of such important things. Medical labs can place their trust in our medical delivery services knowing that time sensitive deliveries will arrive on time, every time.


  • Dental Offices - Dental labs are no different than standard medical labs in that the deliveries they send out are time sensitive and are needed by other health professionals before further patient action can be taken. Therefore when a dental lab sends something out for delivery they should utilize American Courier medical delivery services to ensure that things get to where they need to go in a proper and timely fashion.


  • Pharmacies - Sonic Couriers’ healthcare delivery services not only allow pharmacies to send important medical documents to others in the industry, but private individuals can also select this service and opt to have Sonic pick up their prescriptions, negating the need to leave work early, wait in long lines, traffic, etc. This service works particularly well for disabled individuals who might be incapable of picking up their medicines.


  • Doctor’s Offices - A doctors office sees more outgoing deliveries than most other places of public and private business. Additionally, these deliveries are important because they contain important and sometimes vital information about a patient, their needs, or prescriptions. A doctor's office that uses Sonic Couriers healthcare delivery services can rest easy knowing that their deliveries are arriving at their destinations fast and on time.


  • Hospitals - Any delivery that leaves or is received by a hospital is one of utmost importance. That's why it's important to make sure those deliveries are in the hands of a dependable medical delivery service. Take no chances!

What really makes our healthcare delivery services so special is the fact that they can be customized and tailored to fit the exact needs of you or any company, doctor, etc. We realize that not everyone needs or finds blanket services economical, which is why we allow the customer to create their own medical delivery service package. This is also helpful because it allows small businesses and individuals on a tight budget to take advantage of medical delivery services that might otherwise be out of reach with our competitors.


Sonic Couriers has been providing messenger/courier services in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for over 33 years. In this time, we have established an excellent reputation in our industry as not only being on-time, but also with an outstanding safety record.


Contact Us

Our couriers are always available, and can take on last-minute, emergency delivery jobs. We’re also available for frequent, scheduled courier service for the healthcare industry. Request a quote below to receive a call back from one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you regarding your requirements in more detail or get immediate feedback by calling us at at 703-761-6161.

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