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Construction & Architecture/Engineering

Sonic Couriers provides courier and delivery services for construction, engineering, architecture, and blueprint companies in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Our experienced couriers and delivery personnel can transport anything needed for your construction-related business, whether large or small – and we can deliver across town or across state lines.


Our fleet of trucks can handle a wide variety of construction deliveries in and around D.C. and can meet the needs of architects, planners, blueprint companies, engineers, builders, developers, contractors and full-service construction companies.


Below is just a sampling of what we can transport to meet the needs of your company, project or jobsite:


  • Documents/letters/contracts

  • Blueprints/plans

  • 3D model makers/large scanners

  • Construction equipment (anything that can fit in an 18’ trailer)

  • Construction materials (anything that can fit in an 18’ trailer)

  • Residential and commercial construction supplies (anything that can fit in an 18’ trailer)


Why use Sonic for your construction delivery needs in D.C.?

We’re experienced! Our messengers and drivers have experience dealing with deliveries both large and small. From an envelope to be delivered on foot to a delivery of construction supplies in an 18’ lift-gate trailer, we have a fleet of vehicles and personnel to meet all delivery needs.


We’re efficient!  We can pick up and deliver your documents, supplies and equipment quickly and efficiently.  We get your deliveries where they need to go, when they need to be there.


You can count on us.  Our delivery personnel are uniformed, bonded and insured.  Many have been with our company for years.  We also offer cutting-edge tracking technology so you know where your delivery is at all times.


At Sonic, we offer an unmatched level of personal service based on years of experience and we’re committed to offering the most comprehensive and customized construction companies in the D.C. logistics industry.

Contact Us

Our couriers are always available, and can take on last-minute, emergency delivery jobs. We’re also available for frequent, scheduled courier service for the construction & architecture/engineering industry. Request a quote below to receive a call back from one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you regarding your requirements in more detail or get immediate feedback by calling us at at 703-761-6161.

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