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First Mile

First mile delivery is the first step of the transfer of products in the logistics supply chain where the parcel first leaves the merchant's doorstep. Whether it's moving goods from a manufacturing factory to a distribution center or warehouse; or a retail store needing transpiration of manufactured goods from a warehouse to a distribution center, let Sonic handle the first steps of transportation so you can focus on continuing your business without concern. In the e=commerce industry, the first mile delivery can be described as taking products to the postal service.

Often overlooked, the first mile of the supply chain management is just as critical as the last mile for businesses. Any delays in the first steps of supply chain management, will cause disarray further down the chain, which will inevitably delay your goods reaching its final location on time. Let Sonic's expertise ensure the first step in your supply chain process begins without complication. 

Scheduled Delivery

Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled deliveries.


Pickup and delivery within 4 hours.


Pickup and delivery within 2 hours.


Direct with no stops from pickup location to final destination.


Pickup prior to 11:00 am and delivered by 5:00 pm.


Place order by 4:00 pm and delivered by 11:00 am the following day.

Last Mile

Most, if not all, customers and consumers consider the last mile the most critical part of the supply chain process. The movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination, which is typically a personal residence or office, is the final step of any order. The main goal of the last mile is to deliver the items to the end user as quickly as possible. 

Offering the premier last mile delivery improves any businesses conversion rate, brand, ROI, and overall business value. The last mile service provider for your business will bridge the gap between your existing operations and systems through communication, simplicity, and efficiency. Sonic allows you to scale your last mile delivery and service operations, introduces cost-saving efficiencies and proactive problem resolution, improves your ROI by increasing order volume, while maintaining efficiency, and optimizes performance through measures and reports. 

Professional Drivers

Our network of professional drivers are uniformed with over 30 years of delivery experience and knowledgeable of the quickest routes to ensure on-time delivery.

Real-time Tracking

Step-by-step status updates from initial order submission to final delivery. Tracking is available online or through SMS.

Proof of Delivery

You'll receive an email and/or SMS notification when your 

Contactless Delivery

We'll work with you to ensure all safety precautions are undertaken to complete contactless delivery.

Web & Mobile App

Use our online web portal or our app to place an order, track the status, and check proof of delivery.

Customer Support

We're available 24/7 through phone and email to answer any questions or concerns.

Sonic Couriers' first and last mile delivery allows you to continue your business operations without concern. Our staff of professional drivers, real-time tracking, proof of delivery, flexible service levels, contactless delivery, and live customer service support allows you to constantly monitor the status of your delivery to ensure your needs are being met. Let us know your delivery specifications, requirements, and any additional necessities, and Sonic will ensure your delivery reaches its end location in a timely manner. 

Contact Us

​Our couriers are always available, and can take on last-minute, emergency delivery jobs. We’re also available for frequent, scheduled first & last mile delivery services. Request a quote below to receive a call back from one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you regarding your requirements in more detail or get immediate feedback by calling us at at 703-761-6161.

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